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Some minor injuries are treatable at a regular office visit. For more severe injuries you will need to go to the emergency room, as our office does not have certain diagnostic/treatment equipment such as X-ray equipment or IV therapies. Please be assured that our physicians have full staff privileges at Inspira Medical Center and will be updated on your status in the ER. 

In the event your child is admitted for any reason, our physicians make daily rounds at the Inspira Pediatric and Newborn Units to examine and treat any of our assigned inpatients.

You should know that if your child is injured at school, they are eligible for coverage under the school's student injury insurance. This insurance is secondary to your personal health plan, but will cover any out of pocket expenses you incur including co-pays. If you would like us to bill your copay to a secondary school insurance you will need to file a report with the school nurse and bring in a school insurance claim form.

If your child is injured in any way by or while riding in a motor vehicle, your personal health insurance may deny your medical claim. Even if the child is not of driving age, they are covered under the PIP portion of their parent or guardian's auto insurance policy.