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Regular Physical Exams

Physical exams are important in early detection of many medical conditions. Your infant will be seen multiple times before their second birthday, but well care does not stop at age 2. Between the ages of 3 and 18 years your child should have annual physical examinations. 
These examinations are more thorough than sick visits. During these visits your child will receive a complete examination measuring temperature, weight, height, blood pressure, and pulse. Vision and hearing are tested and any ongoing, physical, social, or school issues are discussed in detail.
Because we are comparing these values to what is normal for the child's age group and many of these values can fluctuate when a child is ill, it is important that the physical is scheduled when a child is not suffering from an acute illness such as cold or flu.
Physical appointment slots are extended time slots that are reserved for this purpose because of the time required to complete a physical. When scheduling an appointment please clarify to the receptionist whether your child is ill requiring a sick visit, or needs a complete physical exam.