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Behavioral, Emotional, or School Related Issues

Our doctors have extensive experience in treating children with behavioral, emotional, or school related issues. When you call for an appointment please inform the receptionist of the nature of your visit so that we can allow enough time to address all of your concerns.

Life changes affect children harder than adults. Whether a divorce, death of a loved one, or any other disruption we are here to listen, provide comfort, offer advice or refer your child to a counselor or specialist.

Children respond differently to stresses in their life, some may shut down and appear withdrawn, others act out with behavioral issues, while some appear unaffected. The underlying causes of a child's emotional or psychological condition is not always clear at first glance. 
Whether your child has a physical problem that is affecting his or her school work or behavior, or has underlying emotional causes, we can help. 

Dr. Patel, Dr. Jamil and Dr. Ago all have experience in counseling as well as formulas and assessment plans for learning and behavior problems. In addition there are a number of programs and services available throughout the community. We can help you find a solution.